Make some extra cash with ! Doordash is a food delivery service that can make you some extra money by signing up as a driver!

How It Works

Doordash is a food delivery service. How it works is someone will order their food online using their app, or their website. The restaurant will receive the order, and let Doordash know when it’s ready. Once the order is ready, Doordash will pick the closest delivery driver to go pick up and deliver the food to the customers. This is a great way to earn some extra money after work, or during the weekends.


  1. You get to work whenever you want and you don’t need to schedule a time. Some apps similar to Doordash will require you to schedule a time in order to work. For me, I like to be able to work whenever I want. When you have to schedule a time, it seems like something always comes up right before my “shift”. Plus it feels like another job.
  2. You are able to end early without a penalty. Some of the apps will penalize you if you say you’re going to work for “x” amount of time and you don’t. With Doordash when you start “Dashing” it will ask when your end time is. If I say 11 p.m. and something comes up before I’m able to finish my shift, I’m able to end it before that time without any penalty.  This gives you the flexibility that everyone is looking for.
  3. Instant Pay. Once you’ve signed up and do 25 deliveries, and have been signed up for at least 2 weeks, you will qualify for instant pay. Normally Doordash will payout every Friday, but once you hit those qualifications, you can get paid as early as 30 minutes after you end your “dash”. This makes Doordash a great way to make some quick cash if you have something you need to get quickly.


  1.  Your car might smell like food. Usually, I don’t have this problem, but I got a customer that ordered seafood, which is the worst in my opinion. My car smelled like fish for the rest of the day and it drove me crazy. So watch out for this while doing Doordash!
  2. You can’t start instantly. After you’ve signed up, you need to wait roughly 1 week before you can actually start working. This is because Doordash gives you a debit card that you will use on some orders, and they send you a hot/cold bag to use to keep the food warm/cold while driving to the customer’s house.


Doordash guarantees at least $10 an hour, or $6 a delivery. You will get at least $6 for each delivery that comes in. If you get 2 an hour, you’re making $12 an hour, which isn’t too bad. The pay will vary from there depending on how much the customer is tipping you. It will also vary depending on if it’s a rush hour or not. Doordash will do incentives for you to work if it’s busy and they don’t have enough drivers. If this happens, you can make up to an extra $4 per delivery, which is $10 minimum per deliver during the time frames they give you making around $20 an hour. These are the best times to work if you’re looking for some good cash. However, these don’t happen as often as I thought. I get more notifications during lunch when people are at work than during dinner time.


If you want to sign up or look into signing up, you can click here and you’ll get a $50 referral bonus!   Watch As always, here is a video of us doing Doordash. These videos can help when you’re first starting out so you know what to expect when going out there. Let me tell you, the first delivery is the scariest. Once the first one is done, you’ll be fine. So watch this video, get an idea of what to expect, then go make some money!    

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